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Ethernet Splitter

Cat. 5e Data/Data Splitter

Part No Colour Description
DASPLIT1 Black Cat. 5e Data/Data Splitter


Cat. 5e Data/Voice Splitter

Part No Colour Description
DASPLIT2 White Cat. 5e Data/Voice Splitter


Need to simultaneously connect two devices – either computers or telephones but only have access to the one outlet or cable and cannot easily run another cable for the extra outlet you need then the Ethernet splitter could be your best solution. 

If you’re not sure if you need an Ethernet splitter or you’re unsure about the installation process for the best performance and outcome of your computer and networking system, call us at Amdex. 

Our experienced staff will rise to the challenge to provide you with the information you need to complete your cabling network, so call us today and experience the Amdex difference. 

Save yourself the initial installation frustration and contact us at AMDEX, let us create the best outcome for your network to obtain optimal ongoing performance. 

While we have a head office in Sydney and access to a comprehensive portfolio of innovative and leading products, our distributors are located right across Australia. 

Data RJ45/ 4 x 1pr Voice Splitter

Data/Voice Splitter
Data to 4 x 1PR Voice Splitter
Part No Colour Description
DASPLIT4 White 8P8C RJ45 Data/ 4 x 1pr Voice Splitter