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Cat. 5e Patch Leads

Part No Length Description
PL03xxx 0.3mtr Cat. 5e Patch Lead (xxx=Blue/Yellow) use with Mini SOHO
PL05xxx 0.5mtr Cat. 5e Patch Lead (xxx=Blue/Grey/Red/Yellow/Green/Black/White)
PL10xxx 1.0mtr  Cat.5e Patch Lead (xxx=Blue/Grey/Red/Yellow/Green/Black/White)
PL15xxx 1.5mtr Cat. 5e Patch Lead (xxx=Blue/Grey/Red/Yellow/Green/Black/White)
PL20xxx 2.0mtr Cat. 5e Patch Lead (xxx=Blue/Grey/Red/Yellow/Green/Black/White)
PL30xxx 3.0mtr Cat. 5e Patch Lead (xxx=Blue/Grey/Red/Yellow/Green/Black/White)
PL50xxx 5.0mtr Cat. 5e Patch Lead (xxx=Blue/Grey/Red/Yellow/Green/Black/White)
PL100xxx 10.0mtr Cat. 5e Patch Lead (xxx=Blue/Grey/Red/Yellow/Green/Black/White)
PL10RED# 1.0mtr Cat. 5e Cross Over Patch Lead Red
PL20RED# 2.0mtr Cat. 5e Cross Over Patch Lead Red
PL30RED# 3.0mtr Cat. 5e Cross Over Patch Lead Red
Other Lengths Available On Request


Your network is only as strong as the weakest product used! 

Why degrade the quality of your network by using inferior leads. 

AMDEX can provide Cat.5e and Cat.6 patch leads that are fully standards compliant. They are available in 7 colours and number of different lengths starting at 300mm up to 10mtr. 

We only sell patch leads that use 100% copper in their construction with the added protection of our Cat.6 patch leads being component level tested, giving you the confidence that you are getting what you paid for. 

For the best service, advice and products for all your data, connection, cabling and communication needs, call us today at AMDEX.