May 2012

VGA Wall Plate

17-05-2012 14:00

AMDEX is proud to release our new VGA Wall Plate (WP-VGA). Fitted with 1 x VGA- VGA and including 4 x standard mech positions this wall plate provides you with the versatility to load the plate with the mech that would best suits your application. AMDEX has the range to cover most applications including HDMI, USB, RCA inserts. For more information on our range look at the AV section of this website.

Recessed Power Outlet and Single Power Outlets

09-05-2012 16:00

Recessed Power Outlet

The new AMDEX flush mounted single recessed socket (part # AV-RPS01) is the perfect solution for the AV professional. Installed using the standard "C" clip this is the fast and cost effective solution you have been waiting for. Contact your local AMDEX distributor for more details.